Things I miss most about London: Part 1

Okay, how do I put this without sounding like a mad woman?  I’m obsessed with London.  England is just grand.  I think the correct term for me is an anglophile which, in my opinion, sounds a lot scarier than it should.

Whether it be as an aupair, a student, or just a tourist, I always find myself in London at least once a year.  People who have lived in London their entire lives would always tell me “You can never run out of things to do here.”  I certainly agree.

I thought I would create a list of my Top 5 things I miss most about London and call it a day.  This was easier said than done I quickly discovered.  I just had too much to say about each thing I picked so here we are instead!  Part 1!

I say this as an anglophile and not as an alcoholic… I love pubs.


We don’t really have pubs in America, at least not in southern California.  The one’s we do have always seem to be Irish pubs, or a sad version of what we think an Irish pub is like.

If you visit London and don’t manage to eat and drink in a pub, you’re doing everything wrong.  In my humble opinion, the perfect pub has a fireplace, oversized chairs and couches, friendly bartenders, great food, and potted plants or some other adorable and quaint thing hanging from the ceiling.  It’s not hard to find a pub in London, there seems to be one almost on every street.  Today I’ll just be talking about two of my favorites.  How did I manage to choose just two?  I will never know.

First up:  The Porcupine Pub

If you want to have a great meal before or after a West End show, this pub is ideal.  It’s in a very central and touristy part of London, right next to Leicester Square on Charing Cross Road.  However, the dining room on the 2nd level (my favorite section) is such a lovely and quiet place to eat while looking down onto the busy streets of London.

The service is always friendly and the food is amazing.  They have all of the standard British pub dishes you’ll find everywhere but superb quality. I’m pretty sure the best fish & chips I’ve ever had was in this pub.  Try the Halibut kind!  My friend claims their pies are the best (pictured below) so give those a try as well.


Next: The Churchill Arms 

This pub is one of my absolute favorites and is located in beautiful Notting Hill. It’s just a few blocks away from the high street on Kensington Church street. It’s a little difficult to find but totally worth it once you do!


The Churchill Arms is everything I’d imagine a pub would look like in England. It’s always busy after at least 4 pm, no matter what day you go on but don’t let that stop you. They will take reservations if you plan to eat. The bartenders are really friendly and there is a lovely fireplace (+10 points!) with oversized arm chairs scattered throughout the pub.

My favorite bit about this pub is probably the Thai food restaurant in the back. The thought of having Thai food in a British pub might sound a bit strange but I love it. The restaurant is in this lovely garden-like space where you’re surrounded by potted plants and pictures of butterflies all over the wall. Okay, that sounds a bit obnoxious but trust me it works! The service is fast and the food is cheap and delicious. Every main item on the menu is only 7.95 pounds. I’d recommend the spring rolls, pad siew with chicken, or the pad priew waan with prawns (or shrimp to us Americans).


If you’ve traveled to London, I’d love to know your favorite pub or place to eat!

Happy Travels 🙂

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  1. Dana Carmel @ Time Travel Plans says:

    All of the plants make for a relaxing pub vibe. I’m not too sure if I could drink near a fireplace and comfy chairs though because I’d probably fall asleep! Alcohol makes me sleepy. I can imagine that the halibut fish and chips are delicious though – it’s my fave fish.

    • Lauren Meshkin says:

      I know what you mean. The fireplaces are such a nice touch but when they are lit in the winter and you come inside after braving the cold, it’s so tempting to fall asleep! If you ever go to London and a pub is offering Halibut fish & chips… it’s a must! I’ve become spoiled. Thank you for reading 🙂

  2. jill says:

    There’s something really cool about the vibe inside an English pub. And I’ve always enjoyed the pub fare: fish and chips, curry, and a pint to go along with it. So. Good!

  3. Stefania says:

    One of my favourite pubs is Pub on the Park in London Fields, Hackney. It has a lovely terrace on the park and a relaxing atmosphere in the summer. I used to live nearby so I would go for a quick beer with my friends or a night out.

    On my next trip to London I’ll make sure to go to Churchill Arms, it looks pretty cool and I love the idea of having Thai food inside a pub!

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