Photo Essay: Sunshine! In Edinburgh! It’s a real thing.

The United Kingdom does not take sunshine for granted. I quickly found this out when I was living in London. Even if it’s still freezing cold, a sunny day does not go unnoticed. Londoners, in particular, emerge from their flats and absorb as many rays as they can. Parks are filled, ice cream is abundant, and the city looks even more spectacular.

I visited Edinburgh for the first time earlier last month for my birthday. The beginning of March might not be considered winter but it certainly wasn’t spring yet. Everyone told us to expect rain, wind, and maybe even a little hail. As hard as it was to pack lightly, considering I was flying Easy Jet, I packed accordingly and was ready for just about anything…. except sunshine. I am a planner, almost borderline crazy, so I had jotted down just about every rainy day activity for when we were in Edinburgh. Although I missed out on visiting a single museum or castle, I was more than happy to scrap my plans and simply walk around Edinburgh absorbing the sunshine.


The Royal Mile is the perfect place to stay when you’re in Edinburgh. There are plenty of shops and restaurants and Edinburgh Castle is nearby.


The sun just wouldn’t let me get a clear picture of Edinburgh Castle but I didn’t really mind. You can’t really complain in Scotland when the sun is shining.


One of the lovely views of Edinburgh as seen from Edinburgh Castle.


I never grew tired of walking up and down the Royal Mile. If you’re looking for a great hotel nearby, I’d recommend The Inn on the Mile or Old Town Chambers. I’ll be reviewing both on my blog next week!


St Giles’ Cathedral was just around the corner from our hotel and such a beautiful landmark to visit. It’s free too!


Calton Hill and it’s many fascinating monuments can be seen from several locations in Edinburgh. I took this while walking on North Bridge but we had an even better view from our room at Old Town Chambers. I’ll share that with you next week!


Princes Street Gardens is the perfect place to be on a sunny day in Edinburgh.


It just wasn’t quite spring in Edinburgh yet in early March but the flowers were definitely putting up a fight.


I’m sure you’ve seen this photo a million times but I just couldn’t resist having one of my own. Edinburgh Castle and Ross Fountain are just too damn photogenic.












































































































I hope you enjoyed this photo essay. Edinburgh is one of my favorite cities I’ve seen so far in Europe. Next week, I’ll be sharing where we stayed and more importantly, where we ate! Have you been to Edinburgh before? I’d love to know.

Happy travels!

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  1. David says:

    I just saw your comment on Maria Falvey’s site and came over here to look at your lovely article about Edinburgh.

    And on that note… Hello from Edinburgh, because that is where I am writing this from. It was such fun to see these photos of places in the city that I see every day 🙂

    I’m so glad you like the city. The weather is a bit ‘trying’ sometimes, but the people and the things there are to do more than make up for it.
    David recently posted…We Changed The Name Of Our Facebook PageMy Profile

    • Lauren Meshkin says:

      Thanks so much for coming over to my blog, David! I agree, the people and the sights are what made me ultimately fall in love with Edinburgh. I was just so pleasantly surprised to have absolutely perfect weather while we were there. Very jealous that you live in Edinburgh! I can’t wait to return.

  2. Daniela Frendo @ Grumpy Camel says:

    I first visited Edinburgh in April 2011, and I honestly couldn’t believe how warm and bright it was – probably hotter than my home country (Malta) at the time. I returned to Edinburgh a year later in December, and this time we travelled to the Highlands. Once again, the weather was fairly nice, with just the occasional drizzle. I’m going back to Edinburgh and the Highlands in September, so I’m hoping that I’ll be lucky again!

    There’s always something to do in Edinburgh – I’ve written a short blog post about unusual things to see in this city:!four-strange-things-to-do-in-edinburgh/chv3

    Lovely photos by the way – they truly capture the spirit of Edinburgh during the quiet months.

    • Lauren Meshkin says:

      I’ll definitely check out your post! Thanks for the lovely comment and I hope you have a wonderful time in Scotland! I’ll be going back again to explore more of Edinburgh and the Highlands in October. Woohoo!

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