Los Angeles Street Food Fest 2014!


Last weekend, I had the privilege of attending LA Street Food Fest, a massive annual gathering of food trucks and restaurant booths from across Los Angeles. The event took place on a warm night at the historic Rose Bowl in Pasadena, a perfect setting for a night of indulgence. Inside the gates was an enticing array of foods organized by cuisine (American, Asian, European, Latin) as well as dessert vendors and – brace yourselves – booths with free flowin’ alcohol.


If you’re anything like me, just the description above has you overwhelmed; so to simplify things for you, I’ve broken my experience down into pros and cons so that you can decide for yourselves whether or not to drop some cash on this food adventure next year. 


1. A flat fee of $55 gets you unlimited food and drinks. This is especially thrilling if you appreciate quality food, have an adventurous palate, and enjoy drinking adult beverages. Let’s just say I left with a full belly and warm memories of LA foodie paradise. 

2. Another plus is that by paying in advance, guests forego the monetary transactions that sometimes prolong wait times.

3. If you choose to shell out the extra $25 for VIP access (bringing your total to $80), you’re able to enter the venue 2 hours earlier than general admission guests. This option is a huge bonus if you’re feeling ambitious about how many dumplings you want to eat in one evening and don’t want to miss out on any tasty grub or drinks! There is also a lovely VIP tent with outdoor seating, twinkle lights, and a couple exclusive food and drink booths.





1. Massive crowds, which means long, long lines. Those entering at the general admission time may find it difficult to try everything they want to try. 

2. Very limited seating, unless you have access to the VIP tent. Attendees should be sure to wear comfy shoes and prepare to eat and drink while standing. 

3. Those who are picky eaters or have dietary restrictions (vegetarians/vegans, gluten-intolerant individuals, etc.) may not feel it is worth paying a hefty price for limited options. Fortunately, a “tasting guide” is published prior to the festival so that those considering attending can review offerings ahead of time. 



Overall, it was a great evening geared toward foodies – locals and tourists alike. I hope this post provided some insight for those of you considering attending next time around!

This delicious post was written by my best friend, Nicole, who was kind enough to attend this event on my behalf! I am in Europe for the next 6 weeks and am looking forward to sharing my travels with you across England, Spain, and Belgium. Also, today just happens to be the 1 year anniversairy of my blog! Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read, comment, and follow along every week. It really means a lot.

Happy travels!

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  1. Mike says:

    Lauren, this sounds fantastic and almost perfect for this foodie! Especially being able to try the different cuisines and most of all paying that flat fee for unlimited food and drinks. The only drawback for me personally would be the crowds. Not a fan. But hey, you gotta give in a little to get a lot so I would manage! We hope you are having a great day! 🙂

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