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Bon Voyage Lauren has been lucky to review and work with a number of wonderful hotels and restaurants in order to provide readers with the best knowledge of where to go on their travels. As always, we focus on affordable luxury and getting the most for your money.


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Recently Reviewed Hotels: Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof in Ghent, The Nadler Soho Hotel in London, Old Town Chambers in Edinburgh, The Hamlet Inn in Solvang, The Fulton Lane Inn in Charleston, LA Athletic Club Hotel in Los Angeles


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Recently Reviewed Restaurants: La Polenteria, The Hummus Bros, The Drunken Monkey, Pho Cafe, Recipease, The Great British, Beaufort House, The Drawing Rooms at the Ampersand Hotel, Dascomb Cellars, Fitzpatrick’s Tavern, Olsen’s Bakery, Paula’s Pancake House, The Succulent Cafe, The Savannah Taste Experience, Coast Bar and Grill, Slightly North of Broad, The Porcupine Pub, The Churchill Arms, The Farm of Beverly Hills and Perch LA.

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