Giving Back with GlobeIn: A Travel-Themed Subscription Box

Disclaimer: I am not being paid my GlobeIn for this review! I came across this company the other week and jumped at the opportunity to share their brilliant travel-themed subscription boxes on my blog.

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I am no stranger to monthly subscription boxes and I’m sure you’re not either. Beauty boxes and food boxes seem to be the most common ones but this was the first time I came across one with a travel theme! After I recovered from my excitement over the thought of receiving unique souvenirs from across the world every month (!!!), I quickly discovered that GlobeIn is so much more than that.


“Explore the world. Discover remarkable crafts. Do good. Let’s empower remote artisans by giving them global reach.”

When you purchase a GlobeIn box, or handmade basket to be more specific, your money is helping support local artisans from across the globe. There are so many charities out there where you can simply send a check every month, not knowing exactly where your money is going. Or there are companies like GlobeIn which send you beautifully handcrafted products made by hardworking people from places like Ghana, Peru, or Mexico. In other words, not only are you receiving these gifts, you are also helping fund a sustainable life for these well-deserving humans.

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Each box every month has a theme with September’s being wellness and this month’s Artisan Box is particularly special. “When we tend to our own wellness, we bring our best selves to the world and become able to influence the wellness of others. In this spirit, we’ll be donating 50% of profits from the Wellness Box to Watsi, an organization that connects donors to medical patients who can’t afford the procedures they need.” If that isn’t reason enough to buy this month’s box, I don’t know what is!


As I mentioned before, not only are you giving back to these communities, you are also receiving souvenirs from faraway places! Win-win. The basket which all of these products came in, is a gift in itself! Handwoven in Oaxaca, Mexico by Doña Martina Garcia and her group of eight artisan basket weavers, these ladies produce around 700 baskets a month which provides them with a reliable, sustainable income.


The rest of the items this month include a blessing bag from Ghana, a lavender eye pillow from Peru, and a large packet of Baobab Powder from Benin which includes a delicious fruit Baobab smoothie you can make. GlobeIn provides a packet of information with details about each product, where it comes from, and who you are helping within that community.



Previous themes have included The Kitchen Box, The Wander Box, The Picnic Box, and October’s theme will be The Cozy Box. However, I highly encourage you to purchase this month’s Wellness Box as it’s a rather charitable one with half of the proceeds going towards a brilliant charity, as I mentioned above. Tomorrow, September 15th, is the LAST day to sign up for this September Box! If you are interested, feel free to use the code BONVOYAGE when checking out. The coupon saves you 25% off your first month’s box with a purchase of 3- and 6-month subscriptions. Update: Don’t worry if you missed the deadline. You can now order the October box which promises to be a good one. I’m so ready for autumn!


There are three options at checkout: $35 for just one month, $99 for three months, and $180 for 6 months. Again, I am not making any money off of this, I simply want to spread the word about this amazing company and I sincerely hope you’ll consider supporting GlobeIn this month. In the comments below, please let me know if you end up purchasing a box and what your thoughts are after receiving it!

Happy travels!

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