Experiencing Pure Luxury in Phuket, Thailand: Samsara Villas

From New Zealand to Japan, my travel blogging friends from Above Our Means have written about their incredible travel experiences around the world. Enjoy this one from Phuket and try not to get as jealous as I did about their luxurious digs!

Usually when we travel, we stay in a large range of different accommodations. We have been lucky enough to stay in some incredibly luxurious hotels all around the world- but nothing quite compares to the Samsara Villas in Phuket. Thailand. From the surroundings, architecture, amenities, service, and food… it was perfect from start to finish and worth every penny.

The Samsara Villas are pure luxury. It is the perfect destination for a special occasion with friends or a family getaway. Their 8 villas range from 4-6 bedrooms and can easily accommodate a large group. It is also a stunning place to have a wedding or a larger group function if you want to book out multiple Villas! The memories that can be made here and endless.

The thing that stood out most to us during our time there was the level of service and attention to detail. When you book a night at the Samsara, you’re not just booking a place to stay- you are booking an experience (an unforgettable one!). This is evident as you have staff who are actually living tucked away in the same villa as you for any need you may have around the clock. There is one chef who will stay with you to prepare any meals, snacks, drinks you could possibly desire! Coconut water straight from the coconut as you lay by the infinity pool? Yes, please! There is also a butler to help with anything else you may need, including questions about the house, or activities you may want to do.

Each villa has a similar stunning layout, a large foyer with tall wood paneled ceilings and huge windows that look out to the ocean. They each come with an infinity pool to die for (some even with a glass bottom to view the rooms below), a beautiful kitchen with immense dining space, and several luxurious living spaces so you never feel on top of each other. However, each one also has a unique theme and small differences to set it apart.

For example, the villa we stayed in was Hale Malia and it had an emphasis on yoga and meditation. This was clear from the lovely media room/yoga room designed for those very purposes. We had a lovely afternoon yoga session in there followed by some delicious Thai tea. Another villa has an old Hollywood vibe with large framed movie posters and a large pool table. Speaking of Hollywood, many A-list celebrities have chosen Samsara as their home away from home in Phuket. Rihanna claimed it was paradise, and we couldn’t agree more!

We have travelled all over the world, but there is something about Thailand that makes people fall in love. We believe it is the spirit and kindness of the Thai people, the culture, and the welcoming nature of your surroundings. You will find all of this magnified at the Samsara Villas. It really is the ultimate in luxury. If you are deciding between this option and another for an unforgettable holiday, I️ promise you that booking the Samsara will be the best decision you ever make! Memories can be made everywhere, but these will last a lifetime.

Thank you to Samsara Villas and all of the staff there for an amazing experience that we will never forget or duplicate! Have you been to Thailand before? What do you look for in a luxury hotel? I’d love to know in the comments below!

Happy travels!

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*Note: Samsara Villas graciously hosted my stay, however, all opinions are my own. I would only ever recommend something that I actually enjoyed!


  1. Cassie says:

    I’m going here in March!! I am so excited to visit and your post made me 10x more excited. It looks like you stayed at such a gorgeous place. Beautiful photos!

  2. inbar shahak says:

    there is no way to read this post with those magnificent photos without turning a bit green, I traveled Thailand as a young backpacker and I was nowhere near this budget back then, so now I can only dream about coming back ( not with the kids:) to enjoy such amazing locations. on my wishlist now

  3. Ridima says:

    Wow..! so now you share shoulders with Rihanna..!! But having said that it is seriously such a luxury stay. So glad for you 🙂
    Quick Question: How well in advance would you propose to book the property?

  4. Mommy Jhy says:

    I am originally from Asia but I haven’t been to Thailand. The views are amazing! How many days is the recommended stay in Phuket for a family of 2 adults + 3 kids?

  5. Rose says:

    This place is gorgeous and looks like an amazing experince. Sometimes when you go on vacation you enjoy yourself outside the place your staying. This looks like you don’t need to leave.

  6. Elizabeth O says:

    Wow Phuket looks like paradise! I feel like you would be in complete relax mode on a holiday here, not a care in the world, like a little sanctuary. Purely stunning!

  7. Ana De- Jesus says:

    I can see why Samsara was described as paradise by Rihanna. If I envisioned my fantasy villa I am pretty sure that ‘Hale Malia’ would be the personification of heaven. I like that your villa also had an emphasis on yoga and meditation too.

  8. Dev Debabrata says:

    A serene environment away from the hustle bustles of the routine life would be something I would thoroughly desire, and I see Samsara (true to its meaning – World) I’d a world apart! The pictures invite me , and your post makes it all the more alluring. Vividly described 🙂

  9. Becca Talbot says:

    Ohhh my! I have never ventured over to that side of the world before – the only Asian places I’ve been are Jordan and India. But Thailand looks beautiful! I can absolutely see why it was described as “paradise”! x

  10. Rachel says:

    Oh my, this accommodation looks stunning! I love the look of the infinity pools, I’ve never been in one, but one day! And I love the idea of the glass bottoms!

  11. Razena says:

    I can’t imagine a more perfect location with those sea views that are to die for! I love holidays at the coast preferably with a room with a view of the ocean so that when I wake up the first thing I see is the ocean. The villa looks like it has everything a family could need and I can imagine spending happy hours in that pool.

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