About Me

“Travel opens your mind as few other things do.  It is its own form of hypnotism and I am forever under its spell.” -Libba Bray

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My name is Lauren Meshkin and I’m a twenty-five year old living in Los Angeles.

know you’ve heard it all before, but traveling is my greatest passion in life.  My  fondest memories are from my travels around Europe, America, or just in my home state of California.  Not a day goes by where I’m not planning my next trip or day dreaming about my future adventures.  I could create a travel itinerary in my sleep.

This travel blog is about more than just chronicling my travels.  I want to encourage people to get out there and see the world.  I want people to know that it is possible to have a five star trip on a budget.  I want this blog to entertain, inspire, and guide people towards a lifetime of travel.  Stop fantasizing about your dream trip and start making it happen.

Happy exploring!


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