6 Essentials to Bring on an Epic Outback Adventure

If you’re craving a travel experience that is unique and unforgettable, then I encourage you to experience an epic outback adventure in Australia! Thanks to my previous post in collaboration with Amanda & Matt from Above Our Means, I am beyond excited to expand this blog and start writing about destinations across Asia and Oceania! Don’t worry though, I still have plenty of North American and European content to come 🙂

Far from your usual sightseeing trip in this huge country, you can opt for an exhilarating activity that is both inspiring, informative and out of this world by visiting the deserts of Australia. One of the places I’d recommend starting at is the Red Centre. You can fly directly to Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory of Australia, or if you are coming from other territories, you can book a car rental from Cairns, or even from Sydney direct to the Red Centre.

Here you get to meet with Aboriginal tribes and learn about their fascinating and beautiful culture. You also get to discover so many plants and animals that are unique to this region, plus see the most beautiful sunset in the world as it hits the magnificent Uluru or Ayers Rock. Talk about some amazing Instagram content…!

But before you book a car or hop on a plane, be sure that you have the proper gear to survive in the dry weather conditions of the outback. Listed below are some essentials (aside from clothing and shoes) that you need to pack for your epic outback adventure:

An outback adventure is not just a day trip. In order to fully experience the “nightlife”, bringing a headlamp is important. It might not be the most stylish fashion accessory you own, but you will be SO thankful you brought it.

Another significant thing you should never forget is a good sunscreen to protect your skin under the intense and harsh heat of the sun. Getting a sunburn on vacation is the worst so make sure to top it up every few hours which is the key! Do not assume you’ll be safe by just lathering up once in the morning.

Stay away from any insects that might harm your skin by bringing insect repellant with you. This is something I always tend to forget but it’s so essential out here. An outback adventure has its own downsides, so make it a point to protect yourself always. You will encounter a lot of insects while exploring the Australian Outback but this can be easily avoided by being ready all the time with repellant. I’m a fan of the brands Honest and REPEL.

A good quality pair of sunnies will help you block out UV rays and protect your eyes. Plus, you’ll look great in photos if you’re not having to constantly squint! Also, be sure to keep your sunnies handy around your neck or in a side pocket on your backpack. TOMS (yes, the charitable shoe company!) actually makes great sunglasses which I’d highly recommend.

Of course, one of the most important things that you need to bring with you is a water bottle. You won’t survive this desert adventure without water, so be sure to keep hydrated at all times. Don’t bring just any water bottle though! Forget plastic and buy a stainless steel bottle. It will keep your water extra cold too.

Don’t forget to bring your camera to document the whole adventure. Yes, it’s another thing to carry but you won’t regret it. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to bring back tangible memories from your fun experiences with the Aboriginal culture, and visits to famous destinations like Uluru, Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon.

Having these essentials with you during your outback adventure will make your experience stress-free and memorable! Have you visited the Australian Outback before? What are some of your travel essentials? I’d love to know in the comments below!

Happy travels!

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  1. Shannon says:

    All great tips! Seems simple enough but I definitely need a list reminder. I seem to always forget something last trip it was my camera!

  2. Naveen says:

    I want to travel australia. But i’m totally confused which things are best to do so, Then i saw your ideas regarding this. It seems interesting as well as excellent.

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